Trump’s Loupe

I actually think Trump presidency is good for the US. And possibly for the world in the long run.

His pushing everything to extreme will definitely help to highlight and magnify some of the problems that were not so visible during Obama administration. He is waking America from apathy and slumber, he makes people more politically aware by making them hate him.

His pulling out of the Paris Climate deal has brought the climate debates once again in the spotlight and this time even China is on the right side (the card, played carefully will make China even greater power).

In the US, leaving Paris also shifts social initiative to the corporations.  Their defiance of the Trump’s Paris move, shows how big companies are ready to lead even in opposition to the country’s politicians. And this is a good thing. Big companies are already a formidable power in today’s world and in future, when they likely become more powerful than states, you want them to care not only about pure economic benefit.

On the other side, Trump using executive orders sparingly, highlights the incredible power behind the US President’s position. And also the dangers of the one party controlling the power. Trump’s inconsistent and egotistic foreign policy is just a grotesque version of the American foreign policy that has been conducted for decades. With the exception of his apparent close ties with Russia, Trump does not bring anything new: same support for Saudi dictators, same convoluted position on Syria and Israel. Just more clumsy, more apparent.

He is obviously an easier target to criticize and attracting more critics help to highlight important issues. More discussion, more deliberation by the public is always a good thing. Whether or not Trump will be able to complete his five-year term, I think in a decade his presidency will be remembered as a positive bump in the world’s history.