It is always nice when some down to earth empirical knowledge gets scientifically confirmed.

American scientists found out that women and men are different on the level of the structure of the brain connections. Put simply the male and female brains work differently. The exact findings are open to interpretation of course, but the significant difference is confirmed, no way back.

That would lead to some implications for the equality and women rights discussion IF we lived in the science-driven society. Of course they will not. But that is not what captured my attention. It was the text of the article I linked to in this post. Article author, Ian Sample quotes scientists speculating about how different brain wiring may be good for some tasks and detrimental to others. Which led me to think that possibly some time in the future people would be able to use brain scanning techniques to determine where a person can fit into the society. Like the Harry Potter’s magic hat sorted pupils into different houses, brain scanner will sort high school graduates offering them a type of career that corresponds best to their type of neural map. From the practical point of view that might lessen the number of people bitching about not knowing what to do with their lives.

Seriously, get your brain scanned.