About me


Alexander Ronzhyn, Ph.D. is a researcher and lecturer, working at the University Koblenz-Landau in Germany.

I am most interested in the ways new social media affects the society and individuals within the society and how by using the ICT we can improve the governance.

My research interests include:

  • e-Participation. Especially the ways e-governance can dispose of the bureaucracy, paper-filling and barriers between countries for businesses and individuals.
  • Sharing economy (my thesis is on Couchsurfing, I wrote several papers on the topic).
  • Social media activism. A fascinating topic. I am particularly interested in studying Internet activism because of what happening in my home country, Ukraine.

I also:

  • Develop web-sites. html5, css, js, php. Check out my WordPress themes.
  • Learn languages. I know English, Spanish, German, Ukrainian and Russian. I am learning more.

Currently I am happy working as a part of great team at the UKL. My ResearchGate profile. I am very interested in academic collaborations: joint papers, research, workshops, write me.

I am open to speaker invitations and will be delighted to talk about any areas of my expertise at your event. Also contact me, if you want my comment on any topic.