Scott Adam’s book

I usually don’t buy such kind of books, but having read (and liked!) other books by Scott Adams, I decided to give it a go.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, short review.


What I dislike about self-help and business advice books is that often the main idea of any of those books is pretty simple and may be expressed on a single page. However to make the book publishable, authors basically write hundreds of pages repeating one and the same thing over and over again. Unlike the academia…

I like Scott Adams sense of humour and his blogposts generally, when he does not write on politics (which is sadly pretty rare now). He is certainly an entertaining and capable writer.

The book is 6/10. There are some funny chapters and even useful ideas, but mostly the book is just pretty self-centred advice on how to live your life minimising the chance of dying. Eat, exercise, don’t take risks with your health, floss, be happy about little accomplishments.

The interesting ideas are:

  • Energy is the most important resource. Energy levels must be high to work effectively. Food, exercise and correct mindset can help maintain high energy level.
  • Systems are better the goals, because when you achieve goal, you feel empty and lose purpose.
  • Reality is overrated. A suitable delusion can be more useful than total scepticism.
  • The best time to start looking for a better job is when you get a new job.

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