Social networks dataset collections

The question that is often asked in the SNA academic community is where a researcher can get ready datasets. As a prepared answer to such questions here is a short list of repositories of datasets for social network analysis.

  1. Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection (
    Perhaps one of the most famous SNA repositories. Includes huge datasets of Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook data.
  2. KONECT (
    Koblenz Network Collection contains 281 large network datasets of different types from various spheres. Good collection of authorship, coauthorship and citation networks.
  3. Corporate Elites (
    Dutch financial social networks from as early as 1902. 12 datasets downloadable in cvs and xls.
  4. UCINET datasets (
    Some datasets in UCINET format.
    Datasets from different fields, including literature. Some older ones.

There are also smaller lists maintained by individuals: 1, 2. You should probably check them as well. As well as Indiana University list and Pajek databases.

If you have suggestions of what should be added to the list, please comment.

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